LL Equestrian's show team is mainly focused on eventing and attending shows up and down the west coast including an annual trip to Rebecca Farms each summer! We also attend local Hunter/Jumper and Dressage shows periodically. Here are some of our current students!

Lauren LoPiccolo
Dana Todd
MMS Amadeus
Haley Abbett
Karleen Williams
Adison LoPiccolo
Maddie Smith
Lexie Gonzolez
Ellie Furtado
Haelie Tweet
Wendy Schmidt
Deanna Van Valer
Amanda Finn
Nikki Gai
Sara Veloz
Trish Brown
Peyton Rogers
Teresa Murdock
Haley Abbett
Shelynne Eismann
Kaitlin DeRoads
Monique Murray
Cara Choy
Catherine Francini
Allison Hudgins
Sharon Sullivan
Trish Brown
Isabella Degner
Devan Kovacs
Avery Bazzocco
Haley Paloucci
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